Transport Canada

We recently experienced our first PVI.  We had two Transport Canada inspectors come through and have a look through our operation.

I have to say the experience wasn’t bad.  They were pleasant to deal with and only had constructive criticism for me.  I don’t mind a little constructive criticism because it only makes us better and stronger.

I think I’ve always possessed the wrong perspective when it comes to authority and Transport Canada.  I’ve always heard terrible things and there are a plethora of horror stories between inspectors and operations.  When you stop to think about it though, we should be on the same side.  What is the goal behind regulations and Transport Canada’s mandate?  I believe it to be public safety.  There is a lot of potential for damage and injury when it comes to aviation and they are only trying to protect the general public.  I also believe public safety to be a cause worth chasing.  So here we are, an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and Transport Canada.  We have entered into an agreement together via our Maintenance Policy Manual (MPM) and they are just trying to hold us accountable to carry out our work using methods that have been agreed upon between us.  We are on the same team.  We are all fighting for a safe and effective means to travel.

Transport Canada is holding me (as the accountable executive and person responsible for maintenance) accountable to perform our maintenance exactly how we have said we will do it, just as I would and should hold my coworkers and subcontractors accountable for their part in the story.  At the same time ensuring that we are not operating outside the regulations (CAR’s).  In essence, they are protecting me and our AMO.

So I send a big thank you to our inspectors, Doug Walchuck and Jack Simms, for giving me a “poke in the ribs” and keeping me on course.


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